Customized Programs

PCBAThe finished product customization

PCBA in English Printed Circuit Board Assembly, refers to the PCB after (DIP) or SMT (SMT), etc, with electronic components made of Printed Circuit boards, PCBA refers to a process, can also be understood as the finished Circuit Board.

Now our PCBA product types are:

    • Magnetic suction chip
    • on-board chips
    • desktop single chip filling
    • in one chip
    • triad chip
    • double coil chip
    • Three coil chip
  • Quality

    All product quality is strictly implemented in accordance with the requirements and passed multi-level testing and evaluation.
  • Speed

    We can finished in a short time from idea to the solution of the trial-produce. This is the result of our structured project management, more than 20 years of experience.
  • Flexibility

    We respond flexibly to our customer’s and the market’s demands. Joining forces with Novaic as your partner will enable you to exp editiously respond to market developments.
  • Custom

    We have a complete assembly shop, at the same time, a technology research and development and OEM/ODM, welcome customers to custom.

Plan order process

We mainly provides guests with a variety of custom demand function, circuit board. When customers on the market to choose appropriate own wireless charging circuit board, custom PCBA this is flexible according to the requirements for custom development, both to save time, price is higher also, and can absolutely meet customer demand.

  • Put forward the demand

    Project manager will be according to the functional requirement of the customers and product requirements, through market research and statement users (or industry demand, solutions are presented.
  • Schematic design

    According to the requirements document, product manager for schematic design, according to the structure and layout of PCB structure required to do, the final output design principle.
  • PCB-layout

    PCB production after you come back, a software engineer for adjustable measuring principle diagram design of each functional modules.
  • Standard test PCBA

    Comprehensive test scheme of function, performance, stability and possible problems such as optimization of batch production.
  • Standard PCBA output file

    According to adjust good hand PCBA, output the final PCBA file.
  • Mass production

    If the sample is no problem, our production department can be mass production for you at any time. We have a complete supply chain system: factory workshop, research and development equipment, production equipment, storage and transportation integration management. Let the customer no worries is the mission of our company.